The Thymele

plan drawings thymele

Above: the result of two
years collaborative work
for the team. Creating the
most accurate model
existing of the Thymele.

Under the guidance and
supervision of John Svolos.

You can see our achievement
by visiting the menu above:
'Thymele Architecture'

NEW FOR 2016
Reconstruction of the
Finial. The crowning
glory of the architecture.


The architectural design of the Thymele is a beautifully proportionate Classic Greek
temple, an outwardly restrained and clean limbed structure. The real genius of the
is the sparing and subtle use of ornate decoration.

Recreating the Thymele has been achieved by carefully examining the existing
analysing the fragmentary evidence available from antiquity and
only then recreating the architecture of the building.

Galleries above and below: low resolution progressive renders from our reconstruction of the Thymele
in 2014. To see the finished results of our current model visit the front page slideshow.

The Reconstruction

Plan-Gif-AnimationIn reconstructing the Thymele architecture we have begun
our process by examining the
original structural plans which
we have carefully redrawn to understand each phase.

From the foundations to the very top (finial) of the Thymele.
Our scientific advisor provided clarification on problematic
individual structures, which were many and varied, from
the design of the roof to the design of the door - an
item for which no existing evidence exists.

The gallery below shows the 'work-in-progress' stage
by stage in the reconstruction
of a masterpiece
in marble.

Decoration and colour

The most decorative aspect is in the interior. To see this you would have to look up within
the centre chamber. Here you would see between the ornate Corinthian Columns and the
outer wall an artistic 'tour-de-force' of the sculptors art. 42 sections complete 360 degrees.

Each individual section a display of egg and dart borders, recessed inner sections with
a central flower, surrounded by leaf, and finally on each side - a recessed scrollwork
of flowers and stems.

Applying colour to the sculptural decoration of the Thymele when no substantial evidence
exists on the many marble fragments of the coffers, entablature and central corinthian
columns is problematical.

Thymele Finial 3D reconstruction
Above: entablature, gutter and roof section with the crowning finial reconstructed. 2016 New model.

However, by examining the evidence from contemporary archaeology and the limited
colour palette of the Greek architects at this period we have been able to 'propose'
a solution to the 'problem' of the application of colour.

Of course this can be a contentious factor in our modern day reconstruction and the
images in the gallery above are part of an extended experiment that is still ongoing.

Happily we are able - with our technology to propose a number of schemes, render
them and then consider the probability of authenticity.

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